The 2 Week Diet: celebrity’s Favorite Diet Plan For Weight Loss!

What Does Every The 2 Week Diet Plan Review

Say About This Weight Loss Program?

If you read any 2 week diet review you will understand that it is a quick weight loss diet plan. Brian Flatt is the creator of this program and according to his claim, this program can help you lose anything from 12 to 23 pounds of fat in only 21 days.

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There are different diets combined into one in the 2 week diet and they are basically linked together in different phases. The first phase is detox followed by an optional fasting phase and then there are two different low carb phases.

Needless to say, as the diet promises such fast weight loss it is indeed extreme in some ways. It is quite hard to carry out each phase to the maximum. You can feel pretty drained to begin with, but as it is only for three weeks the final phase is comparatively easy and the whole thing is quite achievable.

You can choose to do the diet in a less extreme manner, but then the weight loss will not be maximized.


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As with most diet plans, there is also an exercise program to help with the weight loss. This exercise program is split in two part with different exercises. The main exercise during the program is walking every day before breakfast.

There is also an optional exercise which is essentially a dumbbell based workout plan which is meant for maximum fat burning. Although this exercise plan is optional you need to bear in mind that you will lose maximum weight if you follow it, but it is possible to lose weight even without it.

As a motivation for you to be able to follow the restricted and tough diet, when you stand on the scales every day and find out that you have lost weight it becomes a great motivation. That is what keeps you going through the hunger pangs of the detox and fasting phases and this is also what almost every 2 week diet review says.

Does the diet work?


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Theoretically the diet should work, because most of the phases of the diet specifically the low carb phase are known to be effective by various researches. The creator of the diet is Bran Flatt and he quotes many scientific studies which support this rationale for each phase of the diet. In fact, he tested the diet on himself first.

Who will benefit most from this diet?

  • This diet is meant for people who have the will power to tolerate the hunger pangs
  • It is suitable if you want to achieve quick weight loss

Who should avoid it?

  • Anyone who is on a medically supervised diet like diabetics
  • Vegans
  • Even vegetarians will have a problem with the detox phase unless they love eggs

What is included in the program?

There are four manuals in the 2 week diet plan, which are very useful according many a 2 week diet review.

The introduction manual – this manual explains why we put on weight in the first place along with the scientific explanation behind the efficacy of this diet. It discusses the dos and donts when you are following the diet and it also talks about the recommended supplements and how they help in faster weight loss.

The diet plan manual – There are step by step instructions on the method of calculating a person’s BMR the relation between BMR and what you eat in order to lose weight. It tells you what and when you should eat.

The workout manual – In this manual there are detailed instructions on the method to perform the Full Body Fat Blasting Workout. There are diagrams and detailed instructions.

Mindset and motivation manual – In this manual there are some ideas to try and help keep you motivated and on track with the diet. Usually noticing the weight loss and feeling the changes is motivation enough for most people.

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Why the 2 week diet plan is so popular

People love the sense of achievement that they get after completing the diet plan. The success and popularity of this diet plan is mainly based on this fact. To put is simply, people love it because it works as per every 2 week diet review.

The 2 week diet plan is designed in order to boost the confidence of a person and help you to become the master of your own metabolism.

Hence it can be said that while the results of the diet plan manifest in your physical appearance the real benefit that you gain from it is a change of mindset. This is the reason that the results of this diet are more permanent in nature.

The tone and style of the instructions if accessible and motivating, along with a whole range of bonuses include what you should purchase with the package.

The diet plan delivers results, delivers value for money and lends support during your transformation, which the key reasons why this program is so popular.

Personalized plan

Unlike many one size fits all plans in the market the 2 week diet plan is tailored to your requirements. He understands that diet and exercise programs have to be suited to different lifestyles.

Within this program there is a 4 step program which teaches you how to harness your BMR and hence optimize your own fat burning plan.


The controversy behind the diet plan

Usually doctors and medical organisations recommend losing weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds a week, but according to every 2 week diet review, this plan turns the entire idea upside down and exposes the truth.

When you are extremely overweight you are putting a lot of pressure on your inner organs damaging your joints and causing untold damage to cholesterol and blood pressure.

The 2 week diet plan believes that if things are bad you should lose weight as soon as you can. According to almost every 2 week diet review this is very much possible as many happy customers have said.


Obesity has become a world-wide problem nowadays and this has also given birth to many weight loss diet programs. However, most of these programs are either ineffective or even downright harmful.

This is especially true of the weight loss diet plans which promise to reduce weight at a fast rate. However, almost every 2 week diet review says that this is one program that produces the desired results and it is possible to reduce up to 23 kg weight in just 2 weeks.

Needless to say the diet is rigorous and tough and you need to have a strong will power in order to follow it. The diet plan is accompanied by a vigorous exercise program that aids in the fast loss of excess weight.

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