A Detailed 7 Day Diet Shake Review For A Weight Loss Detox

7 Day Diet Shake mainly works as a suppressant for your appetite. All you have to do is replace a couple of your meals with this shake and rely on its nutrients and vitamins to get all the nourishment your body requires without any of the calories.


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They contain whey powder which makes users feel full even though they haven’t eaten.

Apart from this, the other ingredients in this shake like coffee bean extract and acai berry help with weight loss too presumably through their thermogenic and antioxidant effects which boost your metabolism and increase fat burning.


There are a number of ingredients which go into making this shake. There are many minerals and vitamins apart from animal products like milk and extracts of natural plants fruits and seeds.

Apart from the ingredients we are mentioned below, 7 Day Diet Shake also contains a number of minerals, vitamins, gelatines, and flavorings. Even though the supplement can be consumed by vegetarians, vegans won’t be able to have it since it contains various colorings, flavorings, and additives.

Milk: Cow’s milk is among the most consumed drinks in the world. Apart from being a beverage on its own, it is also used for cooking to produce various dishes and foods.

It is a great source of calcium which can help your bones get strong and healthy. It also contains lactose and for people who can’t handle that, they should stay away, or they may have to deal with nausea, diarrhea, and cramps.


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Green coffee extract: Coffee is considered a very popular drink. Coffee beans are normally green before they get roasted to make coffee. It is believed that in a pre-roasted state, these beans contain a number of helpful chemicals, including chlorogenic acid.

This has been associated with a number of benefits including helping with heart disease and diabetes treatment. It has even been linked with weight loss anecdotally.

Acai Berry: They grow in South America on acai palm trees. They are berries the size of grapefruits. They are supposed to be some really powerful antioxidants and are used in South American traditional medicine for a number of uses.

They can treat ailments like arthritis, high cholesterol, and even erectile dysfunction. They aren’t associated with any known side effects either even though anyone who is allergic to berries may have some negative reactions.

Guarana: This is native to South America too. It is found around the Amazon basin. It grows on the paullinia cupana plant and has seeds which are very commonly used by the health community because of their strong caffeine concentration.

It has been an important part of herbal medicine and can help with dysentery and malaria. It is also a well-known aphrodisiac. It is a common ingredient in many energy drinks.

Whey: Protein is a very important part of our diets. It is commonly found in various everyday foods including meat, eggs, beans, and nuts. Whey protein is usually found in baby formula, ice cream, bread, and soup. It’s believed that it is effective when it comes to preventing blood or heart diseases.


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7 Day Diet Shake is a great meal replacement shake with a number of common supplements for weight loss. It is supposed to be an appetite suppressant and reduces your calorie consumption.

But, the extra ingredients help boost your metabolism, burn fat, and increase antioxidants in your body. There is very little chance of negative effects for you to worry about with this shake. So give it a shot today.

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