8 Home Remedies for HeartBurn

Heartburn is a very nasty condition which is quite common in today’s world. But if you were wondering how to cure heartburn then you have come to the right place. There are quite a few remedies for heartburn which can be quite effective in getting rid of this problem.8 Home Remedies for HeartBurn

Heartburn is basically a condition in which you get a burning sensation in your chest which creates serious discomfort. It may be so bad at times that it resembles a heart attack. It can be caused by a chronic condition known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux) disease or by something that you ate. Heartburn affects around half of the American population due to the poor quality of diet in the country.

When it hurts, you will crave quick relief. Here are a few simple answers to the question, “How to cure heartburn?”

Loosen your belt

Heartburn is basically caused when acid comes back into your esophagus. You would want your body to have the best chance of keeping it down. Loosening anything which may make this difficult is a simple way of ensuring this. If the problem persists, try getting some looser fitting clothes.

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When talking about how to cure heartburn, what many people do not realize is that a poor posture can cause heartburn too. While sitting or while lying down, the compressions on your stomach can make the reflux more likely to occur. A simple way to fix this would be by taking the pressure off your stomach.

Baking soda

This is an effective way of dealing with heartburn naturally and quickly. It is easily available as well. Simply dissolve one spoon in some water and drink it for immediate relief.

Chewing gum

Gum is known to help neutralize the acid in your stomach and increase the amount of saliva which will help wash the acid back down your esophagus. If you experience heartburn regularly, carry some gum around with you.

Apple cider vinegar

Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Apple cider vinegar is known to offer immediate relief from heartburn. It may not taste that great but dilute some of it in a large glass of water and enjoy the immediate relief.

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Ginger offers an excellent remedy for heartburn. It may even work better than a number of acid reflux medications when it comes to preventing stomach ulcers. Having some ginger root tea before your meal is a great way to combat heartburn.


It is known to help your stomach relax and reduce any inflammation which may increase heartburn. Drink some chamomile tea before your meals for relief. It is most important to have some before dinner since you are going to want to sleep right after.


Heartburn may sometimes be caused due to a lack of acid in your stomach. The acidic content of licorice can increase the acid in your stomach and help things settle down. It can be consumed in both the capsule and chewable form.

With so many solutions at your disposal, you certainly won’t worry about how to cure heartburn anymore, will you?

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