Best Diets 2018 : How To Lose Weight Safely

1. Some Of The Best Diets 2018 For You

The first thing most people think of when it comes to losing weight is hitting the gym. But what they don’t understand is if they don’t change their eating habits, they aren’t going to lose weight as easily. Exercise is important, no doubt, but you also need to have one of the best diets 2018 on your side if you are to make any permanent changes.

best diets 2017

Best Diets 2018

The biggest problem here is not knowing which diet is the best for you. There are some diets which cut out certain food groups like carbs or dairy while others include them. Ultimately, it is your body, and you will be the best judge of what to eat and what to cut down. But, following a good diet plan has advantages too.

To help you with this decision, here are a few of the best diets for 2018 for you to consider:

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2. DASH diet (banana, kiwi, and fruit salads)

The full form of DASH is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It has been designed to help people lose weight. It takes your age and your level of activity into account too. This will then help determine how many calories you should consume. It also helps determine where the calories should be coming from.

Even though it isn’t going to ask you to buy many special ingredients or outlandish meals, it does focus on the healthier grains, vegetables, and fruits. You will also have to cut back on salt. This may see your grocery bill increase a bit since fresh foods are usually more expensive. But it all works out in the end.

3. Raw food diet (carrots, peas, fruits, and vegetables)

If you stick to the rules and can afford this diet, you will shed pounds just by eating foods which are dehydrated, blended or juiced instead of being processed. The idea for this diet is, raw; natural foods are loaded with nutrients which you otherwise process, steam or cook away.

Since this diet shuns all sorts of cooked or processed foods, you will be limited to fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, etc. Some people will consume raw meat or raw milk products too as part of this diet.

The raw and organic ingredients may be a little expensive to purchase. You will also have to invest in a food processor, blender, and dehydrator.

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5. Jenny Craig diet

Just like a lot of other commercial diets, this one removes any need for guesswork when you’re making meals. Everything comes to you prepackaged at your doorstep. It focuses on maintenance and weight loss once you’ve achieved your goals. They say you can easily lose 1-2 pounds a week with this plan. You also get to speak with a consultant who will advise and encourage you throughout.

Until you are half way to your goal, you are only going to eat the meats they send. Then you will branch out to the foods which are prepared with their recipes. You do not have to worry about portions or foods; everything will be taken care of for you.

You will have to exercise a little too if you want to eat out every now and then. It is great for people who do not have time to come up with their own diet plans and are willing to pay for convenience. Memberships begin at $99, and there’s a monthly fee of $19. You will be spending around $450 a month if you go for this plan including your food.

Even though the cost may be a huge inhibitor, the program is said to be well grounded and provides good meals. If you have the budget for it, there’s nothing like this.

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6. Biggest Loser Diet

This diet has been derived from the popular TV show in the United States. It has been ranked quite highly for being sound and healthy. It focuses on eating right and maintaining a journal to see what you are eating and to ensure you get off the couch more regularly.

The diet recommends buying a book and then signing up for their workout videos. Apart from this, you will have full control over the amount of money you spend on food. It will probably cost more than potato chips since veggies, lean protein and fruits are expensive. But if you can stick to the recommendations, you are sure to lose several pounds.

You are going to see faster, better results if you want to lose lots of weight. But you need to carefully follow the suggestions until you achieve your goals. This is a great chance for you to lose weight and maintain it later.

7. HMR (Health Management Resources) program (milk)

This program uses a strategy involving meal replacements along with fruits and vegetables to help jump start weight loss. It eventually eases you off to some sustainable dietary changes. Even though exercise has been encouraged here, just walking for 15-20 minutes each day is enough to help you meet your goals with this program.

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As per this program, you can lose around 66 pounds in 26 weeks on an average. The program is very popular in clinics which treat serious medical conditions. You can also buy meal plans and shakes through certified re-sellers. Diets like this one are great for people who want to lose weight, and the replacement meals will only make this easier. You are paying for the convenience more than anything else here. But if you like self-regulated diets, this is a good one to try.

8. Weight Watchers

Here, participants track “Smart Points,” and they are allowed to eat any and everything they want as long as it’s in the right portions. There are more than 4000 recipes for you to choose from in the program. There are ways to calculate the points for foods from outside these recipes as well. You can expect to lose a couple of pounds each week with this diet.

This system does make it easier for you to eat fruits and vegetables as compared to high-fat foods or sweets. You will get all the nutrients you need and will not lose weight too fast either. This certainly is one of the best diets 2018.

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