A Detailed California Bio-energy Sculpting Cream Review

California Bioenergy Reviews: how it works, Benefits, Side Effects and where to buy

In this California bioenergy review, we are going to take an in-depth look at this amazing anti-aging skin cream which launched online recently. The cream is supposed to help repair your skin and make you look a whole lot younger. Does it work? Read on to find out.

california-bioenergy- review

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What is it?

Everyone wants to find an easy way of looking younger. This cream is supposed to be that easy solution. Using unique ingredients for anti-aging, this skin cream is supposed to be able to replenish a person’s skin and help them look just as good as they did back when they were in their early 20’s.

Does this sound like something which is too good to be true? It most certainly does. We have seen a lot of other high priced skin creams which have made the exact same promise on the internet but have only failed at the end of it all.

Is this anti-aging cream different in any way? Or is it another scam where a company is trying to sell you an overpriced skin cream which is ineffective. To try and answer this question we are going to take a closer look at how this skin cream is supposed to work.

How does this skin cream work?

This amazing skin cream works in four different ways. They are:

•    It re-energizes your aging skin cells by providing them with a fresh source of bioenergy that helps promote the renewal of your skin naturally. This results in younger looker skin. What’s more, it doesn’t just look young; it acts young too.

•    It also helps to restore your youthful appearance by getting rid of all of the wrinkles and fine lines from your skin while also visibly tightening and firming it up.

•    It helps to rebuild collagen, fibronectin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid that really helps your tired-looking, dull skin.

•    It can also fortify and repair the natural protective barrier of your skin from the outside world. This will help reduce the amount of damage caused to your skin by environmental factors.

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Obviously, the people who created this skin cream spent quite a lot of time discussing bioenergy. But, do you know exactly what it is? They say that bioenergy is the extracellular matrix of a person’s body. That is the area which is located between the cells of a person. These breathing, living cells are mainly responsible for the feel and the appearance of your skin. They are what determines how young, firm, elastic, and supple your skin is going to be. They could also end up making your skin appear dry and saggy.

Keeping that in mind, the ingredients that are in this skin cream are supposed to target the ECM in your body and thus, help reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, and restore firmness.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of this skin cream now.

This skin cream contains a number of different ingredients. But, there are four ingredients which are most active and do most of the work. They are:

•    Matrixyl 3000: This should not be confused with the Matrixyl formula which is also very effective. Matrixyl 3000’s a combination of various peptides which claim to rebuild collagen as well as elastin naturally and then visibly firm and tighten the surface of a person’s skin in order to give them an appearance that is more youthful.

•    Argireline NP: This is an anti-wrinkle hexapeptide which helps in reducing the depth of the wrinkles that are on a person’s face.

•    DermalRX HydroSeal: This ingredient is supposed to diffuse into your skin so that it can rejuvenate any of your skin cells that lack energy and can also reactivate the synthesis or collagen.

•    Ceramide Complex CLR K: This ingredient helps to restore the protective layer of fat around your skin. It can also increase the hydration when it comes to the lower layers of skin.

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Obviously, if you have stayed with us till here, you would have read through a number of vague skin care terms which would have made no sense to you. The makers of this skin cream haven’t really listed any clinical trial results or scientific evidence to prove their product works. Instead, they just used a number of fancy words like rehydrates, rejuvenates, restores, bioenergy, etc. Without having any scientific evidence to back up these claims by the company, it is difficult to determine whether this skin care cream can actually work the way they have advertised it as working or not.


This anti-aging skin care cream is only sold through the company’s official website. There is no other source where you can buy it. Here is a look at the pricing:

•    One bottle: $64.97

•    Three bottles: $129.95

•    Five bottles: $194.92

If you order a single bottle, you will have to pay a $9.04 shipping charge. You get free shipping if you choose any of the other two options.

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This skin care cream manufacturer doesn’t have a customer friendly policy when it comes to refunds. You will only get a refund for products that you haven’t opened or used. Handling and shipping charges, as well as a $10 restocking fee, are also going to be deducted from your refund amount. That’s not very customer friendly wouldn’t you say?