Is Capsiplex the Solution to all Your Weight Gain Issues?

Every now and then we see a new product in the market that promises weight loss with minimum effort. Most of these products often disappear from the shelves within six months of their launch and in the meanwhile, we see another bunch of similar product launches happening almost every month. Now we have Capsiplex.

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It makes big claims and promises great results. The advertising campaigns of Capsiplex often quote that a single dose of Capsiplex burns as many calories as you would burn by jogging continuously for 25 minutes.

There are multiple reviews pouring in from all directions, and most of them are positive ones. But does this pill actually work? Is it the next gen solution for effective weight loss ? or is it nothing but just another scam?

In this article, we will try to answer all these questions, and we will try to see if this pill works as advertised.

Capsiplex mediaCapsiplex is advertised as the ultimate weight reduction solution. According to its manufacturers, all that you need to do is take the pill and relax.

As you might have already found out, Capsiplex is endorsed by a lot of Hollywood celebrities. With celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitts endorsing it, it has already become quite popular amongst the masses.

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What is Capsiplex?

The main working ingredient in Capsiplex is capsaicin. Capsaicin is a compound found in chili peppers. It is the same compound that makes chili peppers feel hot when we eat them.

In addition to capsaicin, it also contains a mix of niacin, caffeine, and piperine. All of the four ingredients found in Capsiplex are naturally sourced, and the manufacturers claim it to be one hundred percent natural.

How does Capsiplex work?

The working theory of Capsiplex is quite simple. The main working ingredient of Capsiplex is capsaicin. Various research projects and scientific studies have already shown that capsaicin can increase the metabolic rate when taken in the right dosage. Increased metabolic rate is known as a precursor to calorie burn and reduced body fat levels.

Is there any proof it works?

There are plenty of reviews that you can find online. Most of these reviews are positive ones. If you are someone who is easily convinced by user reviews, then you will have a hard time finding a bad review on this product.

But reviews can also be biased, and some companies also purchase reviews so that their product sells well. So a product review is definitely not going to be enough to judge the effectiveness and authenticity of a product.

Capsiplex has gone through a small trial at the University of Oklahoma. The trial involved a total of 25 individuals. Every individual exercised on a daily basis, and as a pre workout supplement they had to consume one pill. Some participants were given Capsiplex and some were given the placebo.

Who got the real pill and who got the placebo was kept a secret so as not to affect the outcome of the trial.

Participants were monitored during their workout sessions. During the study, researchers noticed that those participants who were given the Capsiplex pill were able to burn more calories before, during and after their workouts. The results were unambiguous and very clear.

So can Capsiplex really aid weight loss?

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of consuming chilies. Almost every study has found that consuming chilies with meals results in an elevated body temperature.

An elevated body temperature means that now your body must work harder to maintain the equilibrium. This will directly result in increased calorie burning.

Increased rate of calorie burn also means now your body has a higher metabolic rate. But these effects do not last long.

Almost every study has also pointed out that these effects are short lived.

Even though the effects of chili consumption do not last long, you can actually do something to make them last longer.

As you might already know that regular exercise, weight training, and cardio sessions help in increasing the metabolic rate naturally, someone who consumes Capsiplex and trains on a daily basis can definitely benefit from it.

You must also note that there is no study right now that proves Capsiplex as an effective long-term solution to the problem of obesity.

So what you should keep in mind is that a lot of factors are responsible for effective weight loss and if you actually make an effort then this pill might be very useful for you.

What makes this pill different?

A simple google search can show you that there are hundreds of weight loss supplements available online and most of them are more or less the same. It is also true that many weight loss supplements include capsaicin as an ingredient. Now you must be asking that what makes Capsiplex so different then.

It is true that capsaicin can result in an increased metabolic rate, but something that a lot of companies don’t tell you is that the required amount of dosage that a person needs to take in order to increase his/her metabolic rate is a bit too much. Such a large amount of dose can very well result in an irritated stomach.

Capsaicin present in Capsiplex has a pretertiary coating over its molecules. This coating protects capsaicin from the highly acidic environment of the stomach.

What this means is that capsaicin is released only in the small intestine. Since it passes the stomach with the coating intact, the person who consumes Capsiplex feels no stomach burns at all.


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