How did Coco Austin manage to lose weight so fast?

coco austin weight loss

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Coco Austin and her four month old daughter, Chanel, are ready for this summer. Both these lovely girls were wearing pretty matching pink bikinis and were chilling in a swimming pool.

Here’s a look at the Coco Austin weight loss journey.

She took to her Instagram account to express fulfillment and to show off her figure after having a baby recently.

The 37 year old model uploaded an image to Instagram where both these ladies were wearing tiny bikinis and Ice-T’s wife held their adorable baby in her arms.

She also uploaded another picture of her baby, Chanel which had been overlaid with a few fun summer designs.

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It goes without saying that Coco Austin is more than proud of her beautiful daughter. Apart from her daughter, she was also proud of her curvaceous figure.

She gave birth last November and in only a few months, she was able to lose weight and is back on social media with her small waist.

What is her secret? As per Celebrity Health & Fitness, she had been following a vegan style fruitarian diet when she was pregnant. After she gave birth, she lost around thirteen pounds and took just ten days after delivering her baby to do it. This is all because of her vegan diet.

Her weight loss secret also included waist training and exercise. She managed to maintain her lean figure with the help of a high profile diet. She also made sure hit the gym regularly for her cardio and weightlifting exercises.

In order to get this small waistline, Coco also participates in corset waist training. This is a regimen which Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have also credited for their substantial weight loss.

The rest of her weight loss regimen includes kickboxing and Zumba. She even wears a sauna suit while exercising so that she sweats herself out according to the Examiner.

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Here are a few of her weight loss tips:

  • Her cardio workout consisted of twenty five minutes of sprinting three times a week or going for a boxing, kickboxing, Zumba, body sculpting or dance class. She also kept her body guessing by not doing the same thing day after day. She would even take her dogs jogging on some days.
  • When she is sweating it out in the gym, she also uses a sauna sweat suit that lets her lose most of her water weight and also makes her feel detoxified and rejuvenated.
  • She doesn’t have any diet but eats smaller portions of food all through the day and doesn’t eat too many sweets. She also starts every single day with oatmeal or yogurt and some fish oil pills.
  • She did lots of lunges in order to keep her thighs and butt toned and tight. She also recommended holding ten pound weights in each hand during this workout.
  • Coco says that the only way to get ripped abs is by eating less fattening foods. She did ab exercises on five days of the week followed by another twenty minutes of cardio. This was an important part of Coco Austin weight loss journey.

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