Is crazy six pack abs good for health?

Crazy Six Pack Abs is Good For Health Or Not ?

is crazy six pack abs good for your health

Crazy Six Pack is Good For Your

Have you reached your goal of gaining six packs? If yes. Are you sure you are healthy? It’s true that we can measure one’s health on their exterior look but there are other ways to measure your real health.

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Mass of your body can tell us how healthy you are at the same time it is not the one, on which we can completely rely. Physicians go with BMI which is the abbreviation for Body Mass Index to analyze your size against weight.BMI is a calculation of KGs/Meter square. A person is said to be healthy when his/her BMI is from 18 to 25. BMI greater than 25 is shown when a person is very healthy and muscular classifying them as overweight.

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Health of people under age group of 16 cannot be rightly indicated by the BMI.They should be analyzed according to their age and potential for growth. For instance if a child gains weight more than what they need according to its age or if they are not up to the said level we can say that it is an adverse growth.

It would be funny to know the fact that people who have an “apple shaped waist” carry extra weight in their midst. Doctors say that these people can be at risks like diabetes, high BP and high cholesterol. So be careful in maintaining your waistline to 35 inches but not more. Being alert on your waistline helps you to be healthy and increase mobility or exercise.

One of the main health indicators is our skin. An unhealthy skin is indicated by TFM that is Tan, Freckles and Moles on your skin. Tanning which is caused through sun exposure might increase the risk of skin cancer. You can use sunscreen and visit a dermatologist for curing spots and moles.

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Not only the above, but also bleeding gums is a sign of poor oral health, vitamin deficiencies and cardiovascular problems. It is also one of the most common symptoms of gingivitis which is preventable and reversible. This can be done by removing plaque accumulated on the teeth by following healthy and nutritious diet and maintaining regular hygiene.

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Another unhealthy sign on your face is your pale dry lips which are a symptom of dehydration leading to headaches fatigue and dry skin because of moisture drain from your skin.

The best indicators of problems like viral, fungal, bacterial or yeast infection, abnormal levels of oxygen in the blood, kidney disease, thyroid disease or psoriasis and a vitamin deficiency are your finger nails which you frequently check. Healthy nails either of fingers or toes are strong, soft and colorless. If they are yellow, brittle, have ridges, crumbled and have white spots, then your nails are unhealthy.

Hence it is obvious that, other than six pack abs, there are many other things to be taken into account while judging your health. It is not much late to take more steps towards real healthy physique. All the best guys.

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