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The Benefits Of Methodology X As An Exercise Regime

Methodology X has been created by combining different types of exercises. The main benefit is that this exercise routine can be done at home. In this program you are able to learn tips that can help you with maximal interval training which is associated with acquiring a wide range of body movement patterns.

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The creator of this exercise program is Dan Roberts, who is a strength and conditioning coach, along with being a certified personal trainer. Roberts has taught the techniques of this unique exercise program to Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, other personal trainers, bikini models, business leaders, fashion models and even the British Royal family.

In this exercise program a combination of dance, strength training, pilates, martial artsand plyometrics is used. The length of the training program is 21 days after which you can practice daily or as recommended on your own. This program has been created after a lot of thoughtful research due to which you can achieve the best results in the shortest time.


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The best part of the workouts is that they are progressive allowing your body to attune to the program gradually. At the same time, the different parts of your body that need toning up are identified and worked upon. Methodology X is recommended by a number of happy customers, media professionals and fitness experts all over the world.

Thorough explanations are provided with all the exercises of the program along with a ‘why’ disclaimer. You can practice this program using a smart phone, a laptop or a computer. This is what makes it all the more convenient and simple to follow.

1. Introduction to Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is the most reputable personal trainer in Europe and has been in this career for 20 years.

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During his exceptional career he has trained Brazilian super models, Hollywood actors and professional athletes in the USA.

He himself is a professional athlete and has competed in Tennis, Muay thai, and lacrosse. He has even taken part in ultra-marathons and apart from this he also indulges in rock climbing and skiing.

He has founded a well-known fitness and well-being organization called The Dan Roberts Group. The key values of the organization are teaching and inspiring people all over the world to start embracing a healthy and athletic lifestyle and make it a habit to continually improve their bodies.

Dan also writes for two popular fitness magazines and provides fitness advice to the international media.

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2. With this exercise program you will:

  • Firm up your bottom, arms, abdomen and inner thighs
  • Reduce the size of your hips without dieting
  • Look and feel fit as soon as you start the program
  • Enhance your balance, coordination and endurance
  • Make your back and lower core stronger
  • Learn about the secrets of really fit people
3. How you can attain this programmethodology-x-review-buy-no

When you buy the Methodology X program you will receive a downloadable ebook which provides several links to online videos for the exercises along with images illustrating them. You will also get two expert reports on yoga and nutrition and the cost of this package is only $39.95.

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4. How does the program work?

There is a brand new challenge to overcome every day of the program. The first day may seem easy and makes you feel satisfied and motivated, but the technique becomes harder with each passing day. There is no boredom in this program because you will keep learning new and even funny exercises.

After the fourth day you will be able to discern a positive improvement in your figure. Even people around you will start noticing changes in your body after 15 days. In fact, the first fifteen days are meant to prepare you for more. This is necessary because the third week is rigorous and is known as the Methodology X world tour because it makes you sweat a lot.

In order to practice the exercises detailed in the program in the proper manner, you will have to get a gym ball and a stop watch. Of course, you also need to have the will power because this program pushes you right out of your comfort zone which you have been enjoying till now.

5. Positive aspects of Methodology X

Increased body functionality – Your balance, coordination and kinetic functions will improve because this program makes you concentrate on your entire body as a whole instead of simply focusing on some isolated muscles.

Improved physical appearance – If you follow the program precisely as it is taught, then you will definitely attain a lean and hot look. This program focuses on reducing the size of your waist and hips, which are undeniably the most problematic areas for most people trying to lose weight. It also firms up the arms, abdomen, bottom and inner thighs.

Practical approach – You can practice this routine wherever you want because the exercises have been designed in this manner. There is no need to go to the gym or any place special. It is possible to absorb unique techniques that will shape and tone the important areas of your figure and also help you lose weight without leaving your home.

Brand new perspective – Methodology X follows a holistic philosophy regarding the human body and it is based on enhancing your love for your body. You will not only develop a great relationship with your body, but also learn the amazing things it can achieve when you push it a little.

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