What People Need to Know About Prescription Weight Loss Pills

If people have health issues as a result of their weight, then prescription diet pills 2018 may be a good idea. They need to know that consuming these pills can’t replace the need for making healthy changes in their activity level and eating habits. Let us have a look at some prescription diet pills, how they work and possible side effects.

prescription diet pills

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Who can consume prescription diet drugs?

Prescription weight loss pills are usually reserved for those who are unable to lose unwanted weight through exercise and diet. Such pills are also for people who face health conditions due to their weight. But these pills are not meant for people who wish to shed only a little amount of weight due to cosmetic reasons.

Doctors may prescribe diet pills for people who find it hard to lose weight through regular exercise as well as diet. There are also other reasons behind this like

  • Body Mass Index or being above 30
  • BMI above 27 with health problems related to overweight

Before selecting diet pills, doctors will check through people’s health history and side effects of weight loss medicines.

How diet pills get to work

When weight loss pills are combined with regular exercise and proper diet plans, they can reduce up to 10℅ of total body weight in a year. Exercise and diet along with prescription diet pills 2018 can help people lose weight in a safe manner. Losing 10℅ of the total body weight might not be much. However, a healthy weight loss may improve people’s health by:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Reducing lipid levels
  • Promoting insulin sensitivity
  • Decreasing glucose levels in the blood

Safety of prescription diet pills:

Phenmetrazine, Phentermine, diethylpropion and benzphetamine are prescribed for usage for a short period which is less than 3 months. These pills are classified as the controlled ones. This is because; these medicines can be abused. Due to potential side effects, these pills are not recommended for people who have hyperthyroidism, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Liraglutide, naltrexone-bupropion, lorcaserin, Orlistat and phentermine-topiramate are prescribed for long-term usage. Though these pills are meant for people’s well being, it is the people’s responsibility to consult a doctor to find which prescription diet pills they can consume.

PhenQ works by blocking the human body from absorbing one third of fat that people eat. When  someone is prescribed with this medicine, it is known as Xenical. If people get the same over the counter, then it is called Alli. Alli has only half of the prescription PhenQ.

There could be a few side effects such as increased bowel movements, uncontrollable bowel movements, passing gas and abdominal cramping. Such side effects are usually temporary and mild. However, they may become worse if people consume high-hat foods.

Also, people have to stick to a strict low fat diet before taking this diet pill. It is also recommended that people take multivitamin pills at least a couple of hours before/after consuming PhenQ. This is because; PhenQ makes it more difficult for the human body to absorb A, E, K, and E vitamins.

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Phen375 is another addition to the prescription diet pills 2018. It works by curbing people’s appetite. However, it is approved for long term use. Some of the side effects can include dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth. Diabetic people may face side effects such as back pain, low blood sugar, fatigue, and cough.

People who take depression medicines with Phen375 have to be under close monitoring. This is because; such people may be affected by confusion and fever. Pregnant women should avoid taking Phen375.

If people don’t lose at least five percent of their in 4 months, they may have to stop taking this medicine. This is due to the reason that the medicine isn’t probably working for them.

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The combination of bupropion and naltrexone is what is called as Phen24, one of the popular prescription diet pills 2018. Naltrexone is approved for treating opioid and alcohol dependence. On the other hand, bupropion is used for treating affective disorder, and depression. It is also used to help people to quit smoking.

Some of the common side effects are dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Also, this medicine comes with a warning that states the risk of suicidal behaviors and thoughts. Just like the case of Belviq, if people don’t find any results in 12 weeks, they should stop using Phen24. It likely is not working as expected.


Things to consider:
If people are found eligible for prescription diet pills 2018, their doctors should evaluate the possible  risks against the potential benefits of consuming prescription diet pills. Cost is another consideration. It is a fact that not all the insurance policies cover diet pills. Negative side effects are possible with diet pills. So it may make it difficult sticking with the treatment.
As people consider prescription diet pills, they need to make sure to put their maximum efforts to change their eating habits, adjust their lifestyle and exercise. Prescription diet pills are not a piece of cake in terms of weight loss. But they can be a great tool for helping people to make the required lifestyle and diet changes.

Before people take prescription diet pills 2018, they need to tell their doctors about their health history.  That can include serious health conditions or allergies; supplements or medicines they take; and whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Summary:– After going through the information provided above about prescription diet pills 2018, people would be able to understand how diet pills work. They can also get to know about the side effects involved in using prescription diet pills.

As mentioned above, there are diet pills both for long-term and short-term use. So people can consult their doctors to find out which one will suit them the best. If you think you are overweight and in need of a healthy way to lose the same, you should probably consult your doctor as soon as possible. To get more info about prescription diet pills 2018, you can browse the internet.

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