Reasons why it is Hard to Lose Belly Fat

The belly fats of an individual are perhaps one of his or her self- insecurities and the reason why many people are into the idea of losing weight.

The fact that it is easy to gain weight for some but for others it very hard to lose belly fats and one of the most disappointing experiences that anyone could ever have in life.

Reasons why it is Hard to Lose Belly Fat

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Read on this article to help you determine the reasons why losing belly fat is not an easy task to do:

Unhealthy Lifestyle

One of the main reasons why people have no assurance to lose belly fat is because of their improper daily habit or to make short is having an unhealthy lifestyle.

This usually talks about lack of doing physical activities and an active lifestyle while uncertain on having a proper and well-balanced diet.

People who don’t have active lifestyle enable them to lose the chance of losing their belly especially when they have wrong choices of foods that triggers thickening of their belly fats.

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Increasing Age

Increasing ones age is one of the reason for developing belly fat and it is already difficult to lose belly fat.

Different activities such as stress, choice of foods and drinking alcoholic beverages along with the increasing age of the person are the factors that when combined serves as the most effective way to gain belly fat.

The age could be less than the reason of having an unhealthy lifestyle yet it is still considered as one factor that affects the person’s determination to lose belly fats.

As we age, the rate of our metabolism also diminishes.

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Belly fat is considered as one of the result of a person’s stress aside from having increasing age and unhealthy lifestyle. It happen only people as the level of their cortisol so when the person has higher level of stress, the person will also be under higher level of stress.

It is good to be positive most of the time to keep away stress and prevent the chance of cortisol development that makes it tougher for the person to lose belly fats.


For female who have gone through childbirth, they are usually into the possibility of  developing belly fats.

Doctors typically give tips on mothers to have mild exercises after few weeks or months after the delivery. Typically, they are recommending some aerobic exercises to tone the body muscles (especially the pelvic floor muscles) and lose belly fats.

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The given reasons are the hindrances for people to achieve a belly free tummy and instead of having abs. In case you too want to lose belly fats, avoid unhealthy lifestyle and stress that are usually the reasons why you get thicker belly fats in your mid portion of the body.

Each of these given reasons (expect pregnancy / childbirth and increasing) are the things you have to avoid to ensure that you will no longer develop higher level of cortisol in your body and get the possibility of gaining belly fats instead to lose them.

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