Amber Rose 83 Kg Weight Loss Journey

Woman loses half her body weight after being compelled to buy 2 plane seats

Amber Rose, has lost a massive 83 kg after having an embarrassing encounter which compelled her to do something about the unhealthy lifestyle she was leading. Here’s how Amber Rose weight loss worked.

amber rose weight loss

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The 24 year old was a size 28 and was being compelled to buy 2 plane tickets whenever she went on a plane. But she reached her saturation point when one stranger thought she had been pregnant.

She used to weigh 159 kg and had to spend a lot of money every time she was on holiday. She also required a seat-belt extender to put over her huge stomach. It was very uncomfortable and she couldn’t imagine how things could ever change.

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The worst part for her was getting on planes because of how humiliating an experience it was for her. She felt like everyone was staring at her and even when she was visiting exotic destinations, she needed to cover up her body since she was too embarrassed.

She was in denial about her size and use to snack on Maltese sharing packs all day long and eating takeaway at least thrice a week.

She’s been struggling with weight her entire life and was a size 18 by the time she was 15. Even though she regularly exercised in school and even was a part of the netball team, she couldn’t keep her weight down and regularly ate fatty foods and carbs. She chose to avoid most of the criticism that she faced as a teen.

She also said that being in an all girl’s school, she never worried about looking good and her friends were amazing and never spoke about her weight. It was her poor diet in her school days which made it hard for her to keep the weight off even though she exercised. The huge portions she was eating at the time eventually became a part of her routine.

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Her parents had started worrying about her weight and began cooking healthy meals for her. But she just snacked and ate bad foods whenever they weren’t around.

Then, one day, when she was browsing through Facebook, she saw a picture of herself which mortified her. She started at the picture where she was at a buffet and that’s when reality hit her like a brick. She knew that she was big but the woman in the image was huge.

She was inspired to do something about it and started dieting right away. But she was embarrassed by a stranger who commented on her excessive weight shortly after. The stranger walked up to her and asked her how many months it had been since she became pregnant. This was when she changed to a healthy low calorie diet and started with light exercises.

She also joined Weightwatchers and eventually became a gym junkie. She lost a massive 83 kg and was left with a little more than 3 kg of excess skin just around her stomach. She now weighs just 76 kg and is a size 10. She hopes others will be inspired by this Amber Rose weight loss story and be encouraged never to give up on their weight loss goals.

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