Celebrity Weight Loss With Forskolin

How Forskolin Helps Celebrities Lose Weight

Hollywood celebrities are known to follow crazy routines when it comes to weight loss. But, in a society which has become very conscious about weight loss, losing it the right way is now very important for celebs.

Over the last decade, there is a mysterious supplement which has been doing the rounds in Hollywood, and it is now finally available to the general public. The supplement we are talking about is forskolin.


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Forskolin has been used by Hollywood as a very powerful appetite suppressant and because it helps in dieting. But, over the last few years, it has gained quite a lot of popularity around the United States. Celebrities like Blake Shelton, Khloe Kardashian, Adele, and Jessica Simpson have all used forskolin successfully in their efforts to lose weight.

Rumor has it that Blake Shelton started using forskolin right after his divorce with Miranda Lambert in order to get back into shape. This is how he was able to lose weight without losing any muscle. As for Khloe Kardashian, after giving birth, she managed to lose 65 pounds by just using forskolin. This was revealed by Marco Borges, her trainer. She was motivated to get back into shape when she saw Beyonce. Adele was able to lose as much as 40-50 pounds over a few weeks time with the help of forskolin. And, when we talk of Jessica Simpson, the first thing to note is she made it on to the cover of Women’s Health’s September 2016 issue. This is after having two kids. Now, that’s some powerful forskolin right there.

adele weight loss 2016 - 2017

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Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who struggle with weight loss who do not even know this miracle supplement exists. Those who already know about it are somewhat confused as to what it is and how they should use it. Others are worried about whether it actually works.

Forskolin works in a number of ways. The first is that it makes your body burn sugar or glucose as well as fat mainly in your liver. The second way it works, which is even more important, is by slowing down the release of sugar into your bloodstream.

This means that there is no sugar building up in your bloodstream which in turn prevents the buildup of fat since it is this sugar which turns into fat when it isn’t used by your body. When both these methods are combined, you get the amazing effect of quick weight loss while also preventing the formation of additional fat.


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As an additional bonus, you should know that forskolin is 100% natural and has no harmful side effects. It is absolutely safe to use even if you have any medical conditions. It is even safe for people who are suffering from heart issues since it contains absolutely no stimulants.

We were still skeptical about forskolin and whether it works. So we went through the mountains of data available on the product. At the end of the research, we still weren’t convinced. We had an educated opinion, but there was no personal proof at all.

A few friends did recommend the product saying they had used it, and that’s why we decided to try the product ourselves. What better way of finding out if it works than conducting a study of our own right?

I volunteered for this study. I purchased a bottle of forskolin online. They were offering a free trial sample at the time which was just another reason to give this supplement a shot.

Khloe Kardashian weight loss plan 2016-2017

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Here is what they were claiming forskolin could do:

Forskolin would help you lose an average of 12.3 lbs. over a 28 day period without any exercise or diet control.

  • Natural forskolin contains absolutely no stimulants.
  • Forskolin can help improve metabolism and boost weight loss by 800%.
  • Studies show a reduction in cholesterol by 39% and a 2-inch reduction of belly fat within the 28 days.

We were still skeptical but wanted to see if the product could do everything it was claiming.

Putting it to the test

The free trial arrived within a week, and I received a month’s worth of pills that worked out perfectly since I wanted to follow the routine for a week while documenting my progress every step of the way.

During this test, I was taking one pill in the morning and one at night. I changed absolutely nothing else in my routine.

The results


Week one

After the first week, I was surprised by the amazing results. My energy levels had risen, and I wasn’t feeling as hungry as I used to earlier. This seems to be one of the other benefits of forskolin.

I felt fantastic.

I didn’t change a single other thing about my routine. At the end of the week, I weighed myself and was astonished that I managed to lose 9 lbs. I still wasn’t convinced since they say most of the weight you lose initially is water weight. I wanted to see the type of results I would get in the weeks to come. But things were looking up for sure.

Week two

After a couple of weeks, I had even more energy and was sleeping far more peacefully than before. I wasn’t waking up in the night or tossing and turning since my body was relaxing. I lost another 7 lbs. this time around. That brings the total weight loss to 16 lbs.

Week three

At the end of three weeks, all of my skepticism and doubts had vanished. I lost another 6 lbs. and had a ton of energy. Quite often, you start running out of steam by the end of the third week of any new program you start.

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But, my energy levels were at their peak, and I didn’t even feel like napping in the afternoon anymore. There was no more bloating, and my stomach digested food a lot quicker.

Week four

At the end of this program, the results were shocking indeed. I had managed to lose 27 lbs. since I started the diet. I continued taking the supplement even after that as a vitamin since it has a number of vitamins and antioxidants which make my skin look amazing.