Eminem’s Incredible Weight Loss With Intense Workout

Marshall Mathers, popularly called as Eminem is a father, actor and producer is a victorious person who has won numerous Grammys. This musician has been struggling with overweight but finally he lost several pounds of weight with intense work out. Besides being a loving father and a record breaker, he is also one of the top selling rap artists.

Despite his accomplishment, the rap artist has started to have a lot of things in the plate especially after his breakup of the remarriage and death of his close friend. In addition, he was also battling against life threatening drug addiction. As a result of all these factors, his body weight has ballooned to more than 270 bounds. Only after getting treatment for the over dosage of the drug, the rap star has understood the importance of returning to healthy life, quit drugs and lose weight.

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Rap State Eminen realized that his weight was skyrocketing when he was dealing with strong addiction to some pain killers like Valium and Vicodin in 2007. This charismatic, hip hop star has taken remedies to eliminate his pill addiction and battle waged for overcoming it.

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In an interview, the rap star has stated that he was overdosed on pain killers and gone under treatment. He was not sure on how he has gone so big but has some ideas. The star said that the coating on the Valium and Vicodin that I have been taking for years left a hole in his stomach.

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In order to avoid stomachache, the pop up star has started to eat constantly and badly. Eminem has become addicted to various prescription medication such as extra strength vicodin, valium and ambient. After serious getting affected by a fortuitous methadone overdose in 2007, the charismatic star decided to get cleaned.

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Finally, Eminem decided to replace drug addiction with another one which is not at all harmful to the body. Yes, he got addicted to running which he has carried out passionately. He believes that addiction to running is far better than drug addiction.

By now, he was running 17 miles on the treadmill every day without skipping even a single day. He gets up early in the morning and runs around 8 ½ miles in an hour and once he returns home, he runs another 8 ½ miles. When it comes to music, the rap star has rebounded in a better way than ever before, especially after the rehab.

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In the month of June, his picture appeared on the Twitter that revealed out the happier and healthier looking Eminem. It was also said that the charismatic star had been focusing on his health seriously. Currently, the pop star was working out by following various workout and inspirational DVDs such as Body Beast, P90Xand Shaun T’s Insanity.

The fanatics of this great star have been thanking them to help him in getting back the best shape at 42. Eminem has become used to this workout routine and he feels that if he stops even for a few days, he may gain some pounds.

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