How did Wendy Williams lose weight

Wendy Williams lose weight journey

How did Wendy Williams lose weight

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Wendy Williams looks stunning after the major weight loss of 50 pounds, but she maintains that she is not only doing this for looking pretty. When asked for weight loss tips by fans on television after her talk show she shared the fact that the Wendy Williams diet focuses on healthy and balanced eating.

In fact she is looking so good that people are suggesting that she should stop going to the gym. She has come across many people saying that she has no more weight to lose and she is simply wasting her time and money on the gym. However, she admits that now she is doing it to maintain her health as much as for looking good even if Wendy Williams before and after look totally different.

She had her share of fad diets

Wendy has been very candid in sharing her stint with yo yo dieting and also has admitted that her struggle with excess weight goes back to her childhood. In fact the first she went on a weight reduction diet, she was only in the first grade. Then her diet consisted of tuna fish and mustard with yogurt on the side.

Wendy Williams Reveals How She Dropped 50 Pounds

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She has been frank enough to admit that she always found it difficult to overcome excess weight. However, now her effort at eating right and exercising regularly is more about avoiding heart disease rather than for becoming slimmer and this is important considering that she is over 50 years in age.

Totally new diet and lifestyle

She has completely given up meat and does a lot of cardiovascular exercises and pilates. She did this after she had lost 50 pounds in three years which she finds to be amazing. She has been on so many crazy diets that finally she found that the only effective method of weight loss was to eat less and she told herself to do that.

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As a result of proper self discipline and the will to lose the extra baggage she has lost the excessive interest that she had in food earlier. Apart from meat she has also eliminated refined sugar, dairy products and she does not eat after dark. At the same time she has picked the excellent habit of juicing quite a bit.

What Wendy advises people

Wendy Williams before and after pictures, can be found on the internet, and they prove that this philosophy has done her a lot of good. She stresses the importance of a slow and steady approach to dieting and weight loss because real weight loss does not happen overnight.

She does not believe in fad diets and crash diets any longer and neither does she believe in weight loss pills. She takes care to exercise properly so that it is not heavy on her heart and the rest of her body. She admits that did get a jump start because she got liposuction and a tummy tuck.

However apart from that the major weight loss was because of the sensible Wendy Williams diet and adoption of a whole new lifestyle. She is a major advocate of healthy eating and health lifestyle which she now promotes to all who ask her for weight loss advice.

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