How to Stop Snoring Naturally

How to Stop Snoring – 10 Fail-Safe Ideas

Did you know that about 40% of the males and about 30% of the females have the habit of snoring? Yes, this data was shared by the American Sleep Apnea Association. Snoring is a serious problem and if you need assistance on how to stop snoring then you might want to keep reading this useful article.

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Why Snoring Happens?

Snoring usually happens when you are unable to pass the air through your nasal passages or your throat. When the

how to stop snoring naturally

How to stop Snoring

air is not passed smoothly, the internal mechanism of the body makes the tissues of nose or throat vibrate which, in turn, forces you to snore. Snoring often generates a weird and loud sound too.

If you need assistance in stopping the snoring as it’s embarrassing you or making your partner angry then you have come to the right page. Here we’ll tell you about 10 simple things you can start doing from today to stop the snoring. All of these methods are easy to follow and budget-friendly too.

The Fail-Safe Measures

  1. Don’t Smoke: If you have a habit of snoring then you may want to stop smoking from now. You should know that smoking leads to swelling and inflammation in your throat and nasal cavity. The swelling poses difficulty breathing and hence leads to snoring in most cases.
  1. The 4 Inch Rule: Changing your pillow positioning and ensuring that the pillow keeps your head four inches off the bed level is a good method. This will help you level your jaw and the nasal passages correctly. It will further allow you to breathe easily and get rid of snoring.

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  1. Remove Dust: Removing dust from your pillows, fans, bed sheets and every other part of your bedroom is highly advised for people who snore often. It will allow you to keep away from allergies, which are one of the main reasons why people snore so much.
  1. Side Sleeping: It has been proved that people who sleep straight on their backs snore more often. Sleeping on either side of your body is good as it prevents in snoring. Fasten a tennis ball on your back and it will prevent you from sleeping on your back as it’s very uncomfortable.
  1. Hydration is the Key: Experts advise people to drink plenty of water to prevent snoring. The logic being that the secretions in a nose and soft palate become very sticky if you dehydrate. The stickiness increases snoring. This is the easiest way out as water has no harm, does it?
  1. Limit Your Alcohol and Sedative Intake: Alcohol and sedatives can lead to snoring so you should limit them. They reduce the resting tone of the muscles that are present in the back of a person’s throat. If you really want to have a few drinks, do it at least 5 hours before sleep time.
  1. Create a Sleep Schedule: You should ensure that you get proper sleep every day. Go to bed the same time and wake up at the same time every day. If you don’t sleep well many days and then sleep after exhausting yourself, that desperate sleep could lead to snoring.

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  1. Lose Weight: People who have a lot of mass around their necks are likely to snore more. The extra weight on the neck can trigger snoring. Start doing some exercises to lose weight and get rid of snoring. There are special exercises that you can do to get rid of the fat in your neck.
  1. Buy the Devices: There are many anti-snoring devices available in the market. You can try one of them to get rid of snoring. Be sure to buy one that has got great reviews. Also, remember your budget and don’t buy some device that is very expensive to reduce the risk of losing money.
  1. Keep Your Nose Clean: Keeping your nose clean is a vital suggestion you must remember. If your nose is filled with mucus, you will likely snore more. So clean it during showers. You can even have a hot shower to clean your nose just before sleep. It will aid in your sleep too.

If you have tried some of these methods and they haven’t worked for you then you don’t need to get disappointed. On the contrary, you should remember that reason of snoring is different in every person so you should keep attempting until you find the trigger that’s making you snore.

On the other hand, if you have your own ideas on how to stop snoring or you have knowledge of a remedy that worked for anyone you know, kindly share it with us. Please remember that your little advice can improve someone’s life and it won’t cost you anything but a few seconds of your time.

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