Experience a Significant Weight Loss with Lebron James’s Keto Diet

This Keto diet was practiced by the famous athlete Lebron James to shed off impressive pounds for a period of 67 days with great results. All it needs is determination and willpower; Try-out Lebron Keto diet and experience the change.

Lebron James’s Keto Diet

Keto diet also known as the Ketogenic diet is basically a low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat diet that puts your body into a state of metabolic known as ketosis. To break this down, when your body is in ketosis state, your liver produces ketones that then become the main source of energy for your body.

This kind of diet has recently hit the news because; it completely reverse how our body functions that is, in a good way along with-changing how one view nutrition.

Some of the famous and well-known celebrities have tried Keto diet with positive results especially on losing weight, these include the likes of Lebron James, Kim Kardashian and many others to mention.

When you go on Keto diet, your body develops an evolutionary mechanism to survive that is, when the food in-take is low. Basically, this diet entails replacing foods that are high in carbs such as pasta, bread etc.. with the ones which are higher in protein fat such as leafy greens, meat etc.. thus, ketosis triggers your body to burn carbohydrates before they are reserved as fats.

Benefits of Keto diet

We are going to focus on how Keto diet works focusing on Lebron James Keto diet, but first, it’s important to know how this diet can be beneficial. when you’re on ketogenic diet, the level of insulin in your body will significantly drop, hormones that helps stores fats into the
body; in-turn, your body becomes a fat-burning beast thus this the keto-diet provides better results for weight loss compared to low fat and high carb diet that is, even in long-term.

In addition, Keto diet naturally lowers blood sugar levels because of the kind of foods an individual eats and it can also be used to treat several medical conditions such as epilepsy, blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, insulin resistance as well as Acne.

To follow Keto diet, it’s recommended that you seek professional advices such as nutritionist, physicians and trainers if need be. This is to help you tailor the diet that best meet your specific needs though; it can be challenging and difficult to get the keto-diet right.

That’s why, we have provided you with Lebron James’ Keto diet to follow, and this can greatly help you achieve your goal effectively.

 Keto diet work with Lebron James

Nothing is impossible but with effort and will- power, you can achieve anything! Athlete Lebron James was determined to bring the championship to Cleveland and yes, he needed to perform, his best and that’s why he went through a 67 day ketogenic and Paleo diet to have a perfect weight and body to achieve that; he focused around fish, meat, lots of vegetables as well as low-sugar fruits occasionally.

He wanted to test his mental fortitude and will-power to show to himself that, he can indeed get the results he wanted for himself. What about you? You can also use his Keto diet to achieve your weight-loss target; just follow these diet lists;

For Breakfast;

Option 1:
Take Veggie omelet together with some turkey-bacon , sweet potato hash-browns and fresh-fruits.

Option 2;

Egg-sandwich that has 100 percent whole-grain/sprouted wheat bread with healthy toppings such as avocado, spinach, tomato, sprouts, cucumber and yellow mustard. You can pair it with a side-salad or even fresh fruit-salad.

Option 3:
100 percent whole-grain/sprouted wheat-toasts, you can top it with almond butter or peanut butter, banana together with Greek-yoghurt that has blueberries or even other sliced fruit.

For Lunch:

Option 1:
Turkey Sandwich that is 100 percent whole-grain/sprouted wheat bread. You can add a healthy topping such as avocado, spinach, tomato, sprouts, cucumber and yellow mustard. You can pair it with a side-salad or even fresh fruit-salad.

Option 2:
Spinach Salad that has veggies, a light-balsamic, grilled chicken, vinaigrette or even olive oil dressing. You can pair it with some fresh-fruit or rather add sliced apples, berries or even mandarin oranges as your salad topper.

For Dinner:

Option 1:
Grilled/backed salmon together with crushed-pistachio topping, steamed-vegetables and quinoa that is drizzled with freshly-squeezed lime-juice, balsamic vinaigrette or even olive oil. You can season it with dried herbs such as rosemary, paprika or chipotle pepper.

Option 2:
Chicken/shrimps soft-tacos together with whole-meal tortilla, black beans, shredded spinach, diced tomatoes, avocado or even chili peppers and salsa. You can top it with Plain Greek-yogurt to act as a lower calorie sour-cream substitute.

Final Verdict:

If you are struggling with the weight loss and have tried various diets with no avail or results, try out a Keto diet by following the Lebron James Keto diet. This athlete has shown that with this diet, it is possible for anyone to lose weight as long as you’re determined and have the willpower to achieve your target.

However, you don’t have to exactly follow Lebron’s keto diet but there are ways in which, based on Lebron’s low-carb approach, you can basically take elements out of it to make a healthy-diet for yourself.

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