Mariah Carey Weight Loss Inspiration

How Mariah Carey gained the inspiration to lose weight

The latest picture on Instagram shows just how much the Mariah Carey weight loss has helped her shed the extra pounds and get her killer figure back.

The continuous weight loss journey of this 46 year old comes as no surprise since it seems she lost twenty pounds back in December 2015.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Inspiration

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This significant transformation may just be because of her recent engagement with James Packer, the billionaire. This couple has been planning a grand wedding for a while now and admit that it will be grand. With her big day coming up and her World Tour right now, there’s no wonder why she has opted to slim down.

Her weight loss truly is stunning. It is her relationship with the new man in her life which has given her this new found confidence boost. And if you take a look at her before and after photos, you can actually see how she transformed into a happy, sexy and confident woman.

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She had been fighting against her weight for a number of years now. She was a bombshell back in the 90’s but it appeared as though she let herself go completely after giving birth to twins 5 years ago. But she dedicated herself to her exercise and diet regimen and managed to lose seventy pounds.

She had been really depressed when she split from Nick Cannon. Since she was going through such a tough time, she began gaining weight once more. The change of her body was noted specially in December 2014 at the Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center.

But ever since she began dating Packer under a year ago, she has been feeling much more confident. The before and after pictures are the perfect example of the transformation she has made both on the inside and the outside.

She worked really hard to lose the weight with forty-five of the pounds being shed just last winter. She’s been flaunting her new figure during her romance with Packer. She displayed her body while on trips to Ibiza, Capri, Australia and St. Barts.

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They vacationed in Aspen for a few weeks together before Packer asked her to marry him. So what are her secrets for losing all this weight? She said that 90% of the reason she lost weight was because of the changes she made to her diet. She was focused on getting healthy by controlling her portions.

She is committed to her workout regimen as well. She enjoys water workouts and tries to include Pilates and yoga in her daily routine too.

But in her particular case, it is confidence which is the key. It’s never been about the number of pounds which she has managed to lose. Instead, it is all about getting her confidence back and feeling sexy about her body.

She had earlier said that there was no need to be a size zero. People simply needed to embrace who they are physically and don’t have to be stick figure girls. She didn’t feel like one for sure. And it was Packer who gave her the confidence to start feeling sexy once more and begin this Mariah Carey weight loss journey.

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