Melissa Joan Hart Boasts of Her 40 lbs Weight Loss using Nutrisystem

The Melissa Joan Hart weight loss story is truly an inspiring one. She lost 40 lbs. in 2014 using the Nutrisystem diet and has maintained this weight loss ever since with regular diet and exercise. She said that she couldn’t wait for swimsuit season. She liked her red swimsuit the most because it was both playful and sexy while still being reserved too. It’s the perfect choice for someone who is almost 40 years old.

Her secrets to weight loss were the low carb Nutrisystem diet as well as cardio barre workouts according to the Examiner. Her low carb diet limited the consumption of rice, bread, pasta and potatoes.

Low carb diets like the Atkins or ketogenic diets promote the rapid loss of weight by inducing our bodies to burn more fat for fuel. But Melissa doesn’t deprive herself totally and enjoys her favorite foods regularly while ensuring she doesn’t go overboard.

She said that one of her slimming secrets was treating herself. It isn’t about deprivation. She has a slice of pizza or cake on occasion and then gets back on track the next day.

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She also exercised on a daily basis by spinning, running, and with cardio barre workouts. With this low carb diet and a consistent exercise, she managed to gradually slim down after she gave birth to her 3rd child and now feels better than ever before.

She is now looking fuller and curvier than ever before. She recently locked her keys inside her car by mistake and was wearing pajama bottoms and a pink top while waiting for a locksmith to help her unlock her car.

Once her car was opened successfully, she loaded one of her son’s inside carefully.

Given the amazing results of this system, it’s no wonder she is now a spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

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She had earlier said that she didn’t wear bikinis even when she was at the beach and when she put one on for the camera and her husband showed up too, it was nerve-racking but the feeling was extremely satisfying.

Melissa gained a total of 60 lbs. while carrying Tucker said that the pressure of losing weight was not as encompassing as with her previous children.

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She said that it was important for her to bond with her previous children instead of focusing on losing weight. That’s why she waited until she was ready and had the time before she started working on her body. She said that the pressure in the beginning was uncomfortable and she had rebelled against it. But with her third kid, she needed to go back in front of the camera and wanted to look great when she did. So she focused on it as soon as she knew her schedule.

She feels happy with where she is right now and could continue living like this. She also said that her children were the ones who helped her to stay active. She is willing to put in the effort in order to spend time with her older sons too in order to keep up with her Melissa Joan Hart weight loss dream.

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