Melissa Mccarthy weight loss

“Oh My God” would be the very first word, from anyone who hears this news. Melissa McCarthy has achieved a weight loss! True, it is certainly an achievement. She looks stunning in her new looks.


Melissa McCarthy lost 50 pounds

The comedian actress, who has been made fun of, for her appearance of being fat has slimmed down. She has lost 50 pounds Using CLA Safflower Oil

Melissa McCarthy’s ad campaign

Recently she was found shooting for an ad campaign. The new slim Melissa was found to be wrapped in Christmas lights. She looked gorgeous in the pictures. The glow in her face still persists even after such a huge weight loss.

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Melissa McCarthy – The new fashion designer

Melissa McCarthy is a new fashion designer in the town. Being a fashion designer should have been a great inspiration to reduce weight (Like it has happened to all of us; our dieting and exercising double when we go shopping!).

She is also planning on launching her own clothing line. According to the magazine Glamour, “Melissa McCarthy Seven7” is her new clothing line. She is planning to make 80 pieces as a first step.

She has announced that all the 80 pieces will be styled and shaped for women in sizes four to twenty eight.

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Melissa McCarthy weight loss – an inspiration

Melissa McCarthy is 45 and looks portly; frankly obese. But today, her determination and consistency has made her lose 50 pounds. She has become an inspiration to the fat women out there, “It is possible to take care of yourself, even with a family and a busy profession”

Secret behind her weight loss

Melissa McCarthy joked about her weight loss, saying, she cried a lot to reduce her weight. She also quickly added, on a serious note, that laughter and laughter alone can keep you healthy and fit. She tipped the ladies trying on weight loss, to remain stress free. She also added, over thinking or over doing never helps solving a problem.

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Melissa’s kick starter of her weight loss program – The Martial art instructor

The “Bridesmaids” star has awed her fans with her new look. When she was asked about her starting point of her weight loss journey, she credited a martial arts instructor.

Melissa McCarthy’s idea of weight loss started when she started to loosen up the thought of being fat. Melissa McCarthy stopped being nervous and severe on her looks. She consistently worked on her weight loss after getting trained by her martial arts instructor. They worked together on her hit “Spy”.


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