How effective is South Beach Diet – Read Brief Review!

South Beach Diet – Review!

The diet plan is created by Arthur Agaston, who is a well-known Cardiologist. The diet plan offers with the best selection of food that is nutritional and healthy. South Beach diet promotes healthy diet plan without depriving your favourite food.

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The diet plan includes snacks and meals that are healthy, nutritional and delicious. Creator ensures to offer you with effective weight loss program that is very much safe for your body metabolism.

Ever since its launch in 2003, it is certain that the diet plan is one of the most popularly searched diet plans online. There are millions of customers who have followed this plan for effectively loosing weight and maintain it till date.

How does it work?

The South Beach diet plan follows two basic ideologies for helping you loosing the extra amount of weight from your body:-

  • Good and bad carbs
  • Good and bad fats

The diet plan concentrates on eliminating bad carbs and fats with good carbs and fat. It focuses mainly on including more of vegetables, dairy products, fruits, fish and lean proteins in your daily diet.

Apart from this you also need to include more quantity of nuts and whole grains in your regular diet. This means that you may get to enjoy eating eggs and olive oil and eliminating artificial preservatives and ingredients from your diet.

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When following this diet plan, you will also be allowed to enjoy your three meals daily that is rich in protein diet. The point is that when following this diet plan, you get to eat food items that provide fuel to your body for performing its daily activities.

One main benefit of following this diet plan is that you are free to follow it for any time frame till you are satisfied with it. When following this plan, you also don’t have to worry about keeping track of your daily calory intake.

Understanding each phase of South Beach Diet

To get the desired results, it is certain that you may have to follow different phases of the diet plan that lasts for a different number of days.

Phase 1 ( Your Body Reboot )

This stage, in general, does last for around 14 days or two weeks time. This phase is also called as body reboot phase as during this phase your body gets prepared for effectively loosing weight.

You may be asked to change your normal diet plan and include lots of healthy fats and proteins in your diet. This will ensure that your body gets a chance to regulate its sugar level without affecting your metabolism.

When following this phase, you may also have to include food products like cheese, poultry products, eggs, seafood and beef in your diet plan. When cooking food, you can make the selection of olive oil and avocado as well.

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Phase 2 ( Steady Weight Loss )

This is the phase when your body will be loosing weight steadily. At this time you have to try and focus more on including good carbs in your diet. You have to try and include more of unprocessed food including sweet potatoes, low refined sugar, vegetables and whole grain.

You are also free to make the selection of your meal plans. Apart from this, you shall also be provided with simple tips for maintaining your body fitness.

Phase 3 ( You’ve Got This! )

When following phase three, it is certain that you have the convenience of adding all types of foods in moderation in your diet plan. This will help maintain your body metabolism in the right level. It is also certain that occasionally you can get back to your normal diet plan following the basic principles of the diet.

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South Beach Diet plan regular meal options

When joining the diet plan, you can also purchase a complete booklet that provides you with a complete list of foods that you can include in your diet. The list provides with foods that can be included in your lunch, dinner and breakfast.

You can make the selection from over fifty different types of the menu provided in the booklet. Some of these foods include strawberries, cheese omelette, chicken, ginger and garlic beef, vanilla flavoured shakes and cheese skillet.

You can also visit the official website and look around for more foods under the menu provided. The fact is that the diet plan offers you with convenience to loose weight the healthy way, so your body metabolism does not get affected.

Apart from this, the list also provides with junk free snacks including chocolates, ice crush and cookies that can be added to your diet plan.

Put the science to work and lose weight on South Beach

How effective is the weight loss program?

It is certain that when following this diet plan, you can expect to loose around 10 pounds of your body weight during the first phase. Apart from this, the moment you get started with phase two you will be guaranteed to loose over 2 pounds of your body weight every week.

The diet plan ensures that in the long term your body will keep on loosing weight till you are following its basic principles. South Beach diet plan is one of the best solutions for your weight problems. It can be considered as one healthy way to enjoy loosing weight without staying hungry.

Eating good fats and carbs will ensure that your body gets all good nutrients hat are required by your body to perform all its functions. The diet plan is proven and tested by many health experts in the past and has been approved by them.

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When following this plan your body will get all amounts of proteins, fats and carbs from the meals. Eating low dairy fats, lean proteins and fibres can help your body maintain its perfect health for many years in the future.

When following this diet plan, it is also certain that your body may not face any types of side effects. You are never advised to include any types of over the counter medications and supplements in your diet.

As you are not restricting any types of food items so it is certain that you may not get to notice any types of side effects when following South Beach Diet plan.

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