How Kate Hudson Managed to Lose 70 Pounds

Kate Hudson has shown off her bikini body through Instagram where she posts workout selfies all the time during the Kate Hudson weight loss process.

She is fitter than ever right today and has managed to maintain her seventy pound weight loss since she gave birth to her 2nd child back in 2011.

kate husdon 70 pounds weight loss

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The secrets to her weight loss are a low carb alkaline diet, Brazilian Butt Lift workouts and yoga according to reports from Celebrity Health & Fitness.

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Hudson has been crazy about fitness for quite a while now and says that consistency is what helps her maintain her smoking hot bikini body. She doesn’t agree with the people who say you need to spend a couple of hours every day in order to do this. Even working out twenty minutes each day is more than enough for you to start seeing changes.

She lost seventy pounds after both of her pregnancies and believes wholeheartedly in the Alkaline Diet. Other celebrities who believe in this diet are Elle Macpherson and Kelly Ripa.

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She says that she eats alkaline only because she wants to stay as healthy as possible. This diet includes no dairy, no wheat, no meat, no sugar and is gluten free. She cut all of that out from her diet.

She once weighed 184 pounds and said that it was excruciating to get rid of all the baby weight. She had been exercising for as much as 6 hours a day when she was trying to slim down.

Even though she has stopped working out for so long every single day, she still exercises on a daily basis since it makes her feel nice.

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Her bikini workout regimen included running sprints, cardio exercise, weightlifting and the Brazilian butt lift. She said that she loved it a lot because it was just like a DVD.

The biggest problem for Kate is that she loves eating. But she believes that a diet is very important in order to maintain flat abs and her massive weight loss. That’s why the alkaline diet is the best for her.

She says that becoming more alkaline is better for the body in general. It’s healthier. Everything will digest better when you’re blood is at a good pH balance.

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People are usually able to do this more easily when they are on the alkaline diet. The theory here is that eating a diet which is high in alkaline producing foods, acid buildup is minimized in the body. Acid is fuel for inflammation, weight gain and aging.

When you consume too many acidic foods, your body’s pH levels are disrupted and this can cause weight gain as well as disease.

It can transform your mind and body in order to embrace a healthy life. Kate’s now fitter, happier and healthier than ever before. She said that she felt lucky about her kids and her relationships. It looks like the Kate Hudson weight loss plan is working perfectly as of now.

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