Mark Hamill weight loss Secret

Mark Hamill, the star of “Star Wars“, has reportedly lost 50 lbs for the flood back role of Luke Skywalker in the “Star wars – The Force Awakens”. The weight loss is just for the movie, exclaimed the actor who looks half the bloke he was in 2012.Mark Hamill weight loss

Mark Hamill is 46 not 64!

It is not only the flesh that has been jostled away; but his years too. The sixty – four year old actor looks forty – six. The crowd was stunned at his slender figure when he entered the world premiere of The Force Awakens.

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Mark Hamill’s weight loss secret

Mark Hamill, was on a strict and healthy fruit and vegetable diet. He told the Rolling Stone magazine; that he had been on a strict weight loos program of don’t eat it, especially when it tastes good. Hamill had tough days when his potato chips were replaced by bagels. But the determined actor succeeded to add jewel to the role.

Mark Hamill – The bestowed actor

“The star wars – The Force Awakens” demanded for Luke Skywalker’s weight loss. The movie takes a leap of several decades and Mark Hamill says that; he is honoured to do justice to Luke Skywalker. He also added that his costumes effortlessly robust him; after all he had just lost 50 lbs.

Weight Loss program since 2013

Mark Hamill, was told to be on a strict diet; in 2013 for the role. The producer had earlier informed Mark and Fischer about their roles and plans. Carrie Fischer, who plays the role of Princess Leia, too lost many pounds for her role.

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Mark Hamill refused to sign in initially

Hamill admitted that he never intended to sign the movie. So did Harrison Ford. He joked by saying it wouldn’t look odd if he had company. Harrison Ford didn’t want to so do I.

Mark laughed saying he secretly wished for Harrison Ford not to sign, so he could get all the powers in the role!

Mark Hamill to reappear in Star wars : Episode VIII

According to IMDB, after such a dedicated weight loss for the role, Mark Hamill has signed to continue playing the role. He is all set to play it once more in Star wars : Episode VIII.

Mark Hamill’s weight loss – “The biggest credit to the Star wars opening”

Mark’s secret weight loss program was inside the sets. It awed the fans when he went public with the details of how he shed the pounds to reprise the role. The fan club of the Star wars have started wondering what it would mean for Luke Skywalker for Mark Hamill’s weight loss.


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