Wendy Williams Weight loss 2016 – 2017

The Impressive Weight Loss Journey of Wendy Williams 2016 – 2017

You must have heard some people give excuses on how they are too old to try losing weight or how they have such a busy schedule that it just doesn’t allows them to hit the gym. Well, proving all such people wrong is Wendy Williams.

wendy williams weight loss 2016 - 2017

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Try searching Wendy Williams’s weight loss 2016 in Google and you will be able to see her latest photographs. Let’s get started and see how she pulled it off.

The 51 year old, TV host and media personality, has done it like a boss. During a recent interview with a popular magazine she revealed her secrets and talked in detail about her incredible wendy williams shocking weight loss plan in 50 pound weight loss program.


According to Wendy you just cannot do it without following a proper diet. She says that you just can’t eat what you want, when you want and expect to drop pounds just like that.

In order to slim down you must watch what goes into your mouth or else your efforts are deemed to be wasted on wendy williams weight loss before and after.

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For Wendy it started by cutting down on meat and eventually giving it up altogether. There is no denying in the fact that meat is an important source of protein but it also has a lot of calories.

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You can also get the same amount of daily protein from vegetables according to wendy williams vegan diet plan.
Wendy went on an all vegetarian diet. She said that it was definitely not easy. For someone who has followed a non vegetarian diet all her life, giving up meat was a huge challenge.


There are a lot of people who follow strict diets but don’t get the desired results and then there are those who hit the gym on a regular basis but are still not able to shed those extra pounds.

According to Wendy, weight loss can be achieved only when you are hitting the gym as well as following a strict diet. She said that she focused mainly on cardio.

In her own words – I didn’t got into weight training that much, I was more of a cardio freak. For me it was about fighting the heart disease rather than transforming my body in a month so it was a slow but steady race for me.

Deriving from her journey we can say that most of the people above 50 must focus more on cardiovascular activities as it keeps the heart diseases at bay and also helps you to burn all those extra calories.

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Adopting good habits:

Wendy didn’t lose weight overnight. She didn’t take any magic pill and woke up 50 pounds lighter. For her it was a three year long journey. She said that the only way to achieve this goal was to change her habits for good.

Now she prefers not to eat after dark, has given up eating meat completely and prefers a glass of juice when she feels hungry at odd times.

According to her, you must adopt these habits and make them your second nature or else you will fall prey to cravings.

The Wendy Williams Weight loss 2016 is an inspiring story that reminds us that there are no excuses for staying in bad health and you can change all of that just by taking the first step.

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