11 celebs- Weight Loss Using Keto Diet: Read Their Weight Loss Story.

So, after that title lingers into to your brain, we would just like to tell you some interesting facts about the following celebrities.

 11 Celebs Weight loss through Keto Diet

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So what is so common about these celebrities?

Well, all of them follow ketogenic diet. And now you are probably filled with various questions like, what’s that? I don’t get it, What is this article all about and stuff like that. Let us explain to you,one ofthe simplest topic in the health and food industry.

So, what exactly is keto?

Keto, also known as Ketogenic diet is widely known for minimum or low carbohydrate diet. In other words you are eating a food everyday without any sugars in them Let us get some bio in here, when you have some foot with sugar in it, you body dissipated it into 2 parts that include Glucose and insulin.

The former, Glucose is an atom or a biological compound your body uses as an energy source, and it is always given a priority over other chosen sources. The latter, being the insulin helps in pushing the glucose into the bloodstream by circulating it to the body.

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Glucose production can be good unless you are producing too much and not giving a good reason to head to the gym. If you do not shed up the excess fat produced by the glucose, it may lead to high risk of cholesterol and other diseases.

So a keto diet just involves you having breakfast, lunch, and a dinner. Which seems pretty sweet isn’t it. But the things is you have to get rid of ”sweet” permanently. Which means you need to cut down sugars and other foods high in calories. That was it for keto. Now the above mentioned celebrities are so much in love with the keto diet.

Let’s get back on track with our celebrities to show you some of the celebs who shed their body weights by doing keto.

Halle Berry

She tops in this list through keto.Recently the 51 year old actress has been posting her fitness journey through Instagram stories. Having over 2.5 million followers almost all her fans are currently following her diet, which includes barley and wheat grass for breakfast, for green beans and Bolognese sauce for lunch

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian weight loss 2016 - 2017

As you all may know kourtney has an app for herself. The 39 year old feels that she needs to work out more and shed some fat to look more slim. It was revealed by herself on her very special app. She is sticking to it quite well as she has been posting her fitness regime online as well.

Kim Kardashian

kim-kardashian-weight-loss- pills-workout

Known for her flawless beauty Kim has always been stealing hearts since, The Disaster. The 37 year old actress recently shared with the media that she is serious about her work out and would be starting keto from then onward. She has oatmeal and pancakes for breakfast. Chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies for lunch For dinner she eats salmon

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Gwyneth Paltrow

The oscar winning has been in businesssince 1989. The marvellous marvel actress who plays pepper potts in the Iron Man franchise had reportedly started doing keto. So her diet goes like this.

For breakfast she has some smoothies of her choice along with a fruit.

For lunch she has it all sorted. With some protein and veg salad.

For dinner, she has what she wants. It’s up to her totally.

LeBron James

The 33 year old basketball player, keeps fitness as his priority after basketball. James does eat whatever he wants for breakfast. But for lunch he is fulfilled with Salads , chicken and fruits. Which is pretty simple. For dinner he has asparagus and mashed mangoes with pepper and olive oil.

Vinny Guadagnino

The awesome 30 year old tv personality had to take in some heat for his average obese body, which he decided to burn up after the trolls reached limits. So went on a fitness journey and started keto.

He usually has anything for breakfast, but is pretty strict in case of lunch and dinner. He has shrimp salad and cheese. And for dinner he has some coconut wraps.

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Megan Fox

The 32 year old actress has been in the workout club since 2009. Keto is just a silly thing for her. She does not follow any sort of dit but just makes sure to cut down and sugars and fats from her diet. Also she does not have a cheat day.

Adriana Lima

The 37 year old actress who has a really amazing body has told the media that following keto has been amazing for her. She would also keep the keto cycles regular. She generally sticks to protein shakes, vegetables and avoids stuff like potatoes.

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Alicia Vikander

The 29 year old Jason Bourne actress Alicia, when asked about her perfect body, she just threw away all the questions with a single answer, Keto. She also mentioned that fitness was the part of her life which was pretty important and keto has played a major role in it.

Vanessa Hudgens

The “Powerless” actress has been in talks about her body and physical fitness when she mentioned that keto has played and important role for her physique. She also mentioned that she follows diet regularly , has what her body needs the most and works out a bit to get into shape.

Tim Tebow

The NFL stars has a close place in his heart for avocados. Avocados being contained with good fats, thereis no problem including them inyour diet, in fact they are really good for weight loss. Says the american footballer.

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