Kourtney Kardashian weight loss

A Motivating Story of “Kourtney Kardashian’s  weight loss

Looking beautiful is a desire of every single woman, but to be more beautiful, it is always necessary to be in a perfect shape. Gaining weight is like an invitation for many health as well as skin problems like other women, I also want to shed my extra pounds.Kourtney Kardashian weight loss 2016 - 2017

When I see, Kourtney kardashian new look after she lost her extra pounds, she looks really amazing and that’s why Kourtney Kardashian weight loss program really inspired me to lose weight.

Although, starting a workout after a pregnancy is always very hard but she still managed to start her workout after the birth of her third child, just to be fit and healthy and this step of her is really very courageous enough to motivate me.

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I am nearly over 140 pounds. I almost tried every means to lose weight, different diets, different forms of exercises, many kinds of pills; nothing has helped me to lose weight. At last, I have decided to go with kardashian’s way.

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Her way of losing weight

After her breakup with her boyfriend, she was facing a really hard time of her life. She was eagerly waiting for her pregnancy to get over, so that she could start her work out again to feel strong and in shape. She was very anxious.

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She quitted smoking, alcohol, caffeine and too much sugar, so that her weight won’t exceed the limit and become worst.  According to her, after controlling your food cravings the only thing that helps in losing weight is Work-out. Work –out is the way to get your favourite body shape back within a limited period of time

She follows up a weight loss program of five days a week. Because, doing work-out on five days in the morning also helps her to come out from her depression. She was very strict to her schedule, whether she was feeling good or anxious.

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She usually starts with a quick run or high jumping using a rope so that her body warmed up. And to help her doing it in a pace, she listens to the music, loud rock music. This is the very first step of her long work-out of one hour and thirty minutes.

She has also given some advices to others based on her own experience:

·        Find for yourself a best work-out buddy, so that you enjoy your work-out session

·        Don’t ever deprive yourself.

·        Always start your day with some resistant starch like oats, cornflakes etc.

·    Do measure your weight weekly so that you become very sure about your daily routine.

·        Do avoid extra sweet and extra salty food items.

·        Don’t consume s much of alcohol and caffeine.

By reading about her journey of losing weight and by seeing the pictures of her perfect shape body, I am really very much eager to follow her rules of dieting and work-out, so that even my body will be in a perfectly toned shape again. I will surely follow Kourtney Kardashian’s weight loss strategies.

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