Sam Smith Weight Loss with Garcinia cambogia

I lost 12 kgs in just 4 weeks – This is how

Like many across the globe, I have been trying to lose weight for the past few months, but to no avail. I tried different things like exercising, aerobics, weight loss programs, etc. However, none of these methods worked and I was getting frustrated. A friend of mine suggested that I try out some of the OTC weight loss products in the market. I tried three products, but they weren’t just effective enough.

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I had lost all hopes of losing weight, when I saw reports of sam smith weight loss using garcinia cambogia. I was intrigued by the reports and I started looking up for garcinia cambogia on the internet. I saw many stories from men and women like me, who have been able to lose weight, simply by taking garcinia cambogia. I decided to try it for a month and see if it really works.

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Week 1

As I started my first week of taking garcinia cambogia, I was excited and doubtful at the same time. As the week went on, I started to notice changes that were on the positive side. I had more energy. I was feeling less hungry and overall I had started to feel good.

On day 7, I was nervously excited when I stepped on the scale. I was shocked to see that I had lost 4 kgs without any change to my routine. I was happy, but still had a few doubts in my mind as you often to tend to lose a lot of water when you start a weight loss program, and this weight loss could be due to that.

Week 2

The second week was uneventful, as I carried on my usual routine. My energy levels were up and I was sleeping much better as the toxin levels in my body were coming down. Overall, I felt really good as something had started working for me.

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On day 14, I stepped on the scale and saw that I had lost another 3 kgs, taking to total tally to 7 kgs. I was very happy. The weight loss is less than the first week, but then, that is normal for any weight loss routine. I was looking forward to week three with a lot of enthusiasm.

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Week 3

I started off the third week with even more energy and a spring in my steps. My sleep was better. I was less hungry and my body was beginning to feel light.

When I stepped on the scale on day 21, I had come down by another 3kgs, taking the total weight loss to an amazing 10 kgs in 3 weeks. I entered the fourth week with absolutely no skepticism.

Week 4

I was now down two full dress sizes and was starting to look slim. My body had loads of energy. My stomach was digesting food better and I no longer needed naps in the afternoon.

D Day arrived and I got onto the scale on day 28. I had lost another 2 kgs in the week, meaning I lost a total of 12 kgs in 4 weeks. Garcinia cambogia has worked for me and I wanted to share it with everyone.  Just like a story of sam smith weight loss using garcinia cambogia, I had one too – which I have shared with all of you.

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