Adele Weight Loss Using Forskolin

Losing weight is so much easier now

The recent story about how Adele was able to lose 36 pounds in a few weeks had me wondering. I was amazed at how some celebs are able to lose 30-40 pounds in just a few weeks, when I struggle to lose 5 pounds in months. Adele weight loss using forskolin is all over the internet and that got me interested in the product.

I am well over 160 pounds and have been rather unsuccessful in losing weight despite trying out different means. From diets and exercise to weight loss pills – none have helped me to lose weight. Therefore, I decided to go Adele’s way and try forskolin as my latest attempt for weight loss.

What is Forskolin?

Before we get into my weight loss story, let me tell you a little about forskolin. Forskolin is a substance that can be found in the roots of Plectranthus barbatus, a plant that originated from the semi-arid regions of India. The lipolytic and vasodilating properties of forskolin help it to breakdown fat, increase energy by increasing metabolism and help in thermogenesis.

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My experience with forskolin

You can find a lot more information related to forskolin on the internet. If you are interested in knowing more about the weight loss product, you can get it easily online. I am going ahead with my weight loss experience using forskolin as that is what I intend to share with you.


My weight has always been a problem for me. At 160 pounds, I look very fat, especially because I am only 155 cms in height. Even though I have seen many positive reviews about forskolin, I was not optimistic about the product, when I started to use it.

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I stuck to a simple diet plan while taking forskolin – not one of those diet plans where you starve yourself, but one that includes less carbs and more proteins. The first few days were rather uneventful and I did not want to get onto the scale before I complete 1 week of my program. At the end of 7 days, I was astonished at the results, as I had lost 8 pounds without much effort.

This initial weight loss gave me the confidence to continue with forskolin. I started to feel better as something was working for me – at last. I stuck to my diet plan for the second week and I was able to lose another 6 pounds at the end of the second week. Having lost a total of 14 pounds in two weeks, I realized that losing 30 pounds in a month is very much possible.

My third week went on without any issues and I lost another 7 pounds. My dress size came down by 1½  sizes and I was looking slimmer and better. I was eager to get to the end of the fourth week to see if I achieved my target of losing 30 pounds in a month.

The fourth week ended and my day of reckoning came. I got onto the scale and I had lost 8 pounds taking the total tally to 29 pounds lost in 4 weeks – just one short of my target. The rumors about adele weight loss using forskolin turned out to be true as I experienced myself the true weight loss benefits of Forskolin.

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